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Prof. Ph.D. Arch. Nikolay Tuleshkov

Work experience:

2011 - now - Supervisor of Master's program in conservation of the architectural heritage at University of Structural Engineering and Architecture (VSU) “Lyuben Karavelov” – Sofia

1989 - now - Manager and chief designer of designer’s bureau "Arch & Art"

1992-now - Manager and scientific editor of Architectural Publishing House "Arch & Art"

2010 - 2012 - Professor at Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS)

2007 - now - Professor in VSU “Lyuben Karavelov” (University of Structural Engineering and Architecture “Lyuben Karavelov”)

2001 - 2010 - Associate professor at BAS

1988 - 1990 - Designer, Research AssociateІdegree in “Glavproekt” – Sofia

Education and Training:

1970 - 1976 - University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (VIAS), Master in Architecture;

1980 - University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (VIAS), Ph.D.

Membership in professional organizations and scientific:

Academician at Bulgarian Academy of Science and Arts – 2014; Member of the Supervisory Board at BAS – 2001 – 2010;

Chairman of the Regional Board of the journal "Monuments. Restoration. Museums" – 2003;

Member of CAB – 2004;

Member of the Senate of the National Academy of Architecture – 1998;

Member of the National Council for Preservation of cultural monuments at the Ministry of Culture - in 1994 and 2000;

Member of the Academic Council of VSU "L.Karavelov" - 2006 - 2013;

Member of the Board of Union of Architects in Bulgaria1997 – 2000.

Publishing and activity as a scientific editor:

Publisher of national architectural weekly "Arch & Art Forum" - an official in formant of CAB and the National Academy of Architecture;

Publisher and editor of the scientific journal "Monuments. Restoration. Museums”,

Publisher and scientific editor of specialized architecture and art books - monographs, studies and articles.

Research and publications:

Over 150 works: monographs (12), studies (7), research articles (128) and scientific reports (15) in the field of architectural history and theory.

More significant creative projects and conversions:

Over 250 projects and realizations in public and residential buildings in Bulgaria, El Kuwait, Macedonia, Ukraine and Germany

Awards and accolades from architectural competitions:

Regional Library - Burgas (1977, increased purchases);
Administrative building of the District People's Council - Burgas (1978, I-st award);
Residential and commercial building in El Kuwait (1984 International, I-st award);
Church "St. Tsar Boris Baptist"- Plovdiv (1993, I-st award);
Church "St. George" - Silistra (1994, I-st award);
Center of the town of Perushtica (2001, I-st award);
The Provlak - Sozopol (2002, III-th award);
Office and warehouse building of "Shiber" - Sofia (2002, I-st award).