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Conference Topics

Topic 1:

Social and economic integration of culture heritage;
Culture heritage for local and regional social and economic stability;
Culture heritage in urban areas;
Vulnerability of culture heritage to hazards and preventive measures.

Topic 2:

Documentation, interpretation, presentation and publication of culture heritage;
Degradation of culture heritage in surrounding environment;
Indoor climate and tourism effects;
Biodegradation of culture heritage.

Topic 3:

Historic materials and their diagnostics;
New materials for safeguarding culture heritage;
Historic structures and their monitoring;
New technologies for safeguarding culture heritage.

Topic 4:

Restoration of historical masonry, timber and steel structures-criteria - innovative solutions and case studies;
Seismic rehabilitation of historical masonry, timber and steel structures;
Conservation and preservation of historical masonry, timber and steel structures;
Consolidation, rebuilding and strengthening of historic structures;
Culture heritage under catastrophic events: fire, flood and blast loading.