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Protection of personal data

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Data administrator details

According to the European Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Scientific Center for Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning and Design at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts (BASA) is a personal data operator.

The address for the correspondence of the operator is:

1505, bul. Sitnyakovo №47 А, Sofia
Tel: +3592/943 49 60 / Fax: +3592/943 49 65

Director of the Center - Academician Prof. Dr. Arch. Nikolay Tuleshkov

The contact person in relation to the personal data processed through this site is:

Vanyo Georgirev
tel.: +359/898 265530

Personal data being processed


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Data for participation in scientific conferences

In order to ensure participation in the scientific conferences organized by the Science Center Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning and Design the following data are stored and processed:

Email Address, IP Address, Personal Names, Job Name, Work Address, Personal and Business Phone Numbers, Other Email Addresses.

Each subject of such data has the ability to view, edit, and delete these data after entering an email and password on the page My participation.

Term for storing personal data

Personal data is stored in the database of this site until it is deleted by the data subject.

If data is not erased on their subjects, the data will be stored until the next Scientific Conference of Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning and Design is held and no more than 3 years after the last conference.

Transmission of personal data to a third party

Research Center Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning & Design does not provide personal data to third parties.

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