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Cookie Policy

Cookies are called small portions of information that your browser stores on your computer on queries from the sites visited. The next time a page is opened, the saved information is sent from the browser to the site, and it is used to adapt the information displayed by the site to your previous actions on the site.

Each cookie is identified by its name and serves to store information on your device for a certain amount of time in the form of a short text representing the cookie value. The storage duration of each cookie is set when it is created, and can be up to the moment the browser is closed or a set date and time. Cookies on our site lasts 30 days from the date of creation.

By setting up your browser, you can block the storage of cookies from our site, but this would cause inconvenience when using the site.

Cookies are needed:

  • when you sign in with a username and password to recognize your by the site by the unique value of a cookie saved for that purpose;
  • to display the pages you open in the language you have already selected;
  • when showing ads.

Your browser has not saved any cookies from this site.