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Bojidar Yanev, Eng. Sc. D., P. E.

His publications include more than 60 articles on bridge management, structuralanalysis and modeling of seismic response. In 1994, the American Society of CivilEngineers, MET Section named Yanev the Government Civil Engineer of the Year. In1996 the Association for Bridge Construction & Design named Yanev, Bridge Engineerof the Year.

Yanev’s book Bridge Management, 656 p., John Wiley & Sons (2007) was translated inJapanese (2009) and in Chinese (2017). He is the author of Chapter 11, "Bridges" ofStructural Condition Assessment, John Wiley & Sons, 2005, Chapter 1 “SuspensionBridges: An Overview” of Inspection, Evaluation and Maintenance of Suspension Bridges, Vol. I, CRC Press, 2015, Chapter 1 “Manhattan Bridge” of Inspection, Evaluation andMaintenance of Suspension Bridges, Vol. II, CRC Press 2016, and Chapter 22 “ComparingBridge Condition Evaluation with Life-Cycle Expenditures” of Maintenance and Safety ofAging Infrastructure, CRC Press 2014.

He teaches Bridge Design & Bridge Management at Columbia University, where he obtained hisdoctorate in 1976, and Bridge Management at NYU, Brooklyn Polytechnic. Dr. Yanev hasworked for 30 years as consulting engineer, research engineer, educator and civil servant in New York and California. He holds a Professional Engineering License in both States. B. Yanevchaired the American Society of Civil Engineering Committee on Bridge Management, which heco-founded, from 1993 to 1998, and the TRB Sub-Committee on Strauctutral Security and Safety from 2013 to 2017. He served as Director of the ASCE Metropolitan Section (2000-2003). He ismember of the Transportation Research Board Committees on Bridge Maintenance, Joints andBearings, the FHWA technical Group on Thin Bonded Overlays, the NCEER highways SeismicResearch Council, the Seismic Design Committee, NYC Department of Buildings. Heparticipated in the Technical Review panels for NCHRP Project 10-57 and FHWA-RD-01-021. He is a member of the review panel of the Long-Term Bridge Health Monitoring programconducted by FHWA.

B. Yanev has held his position at the NYC DOT since he established it in 1990. Prior to that, hewas Director of the Office of Research & Development which he established in 1989.