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Assoc Prof. PhD Eng. Lazar D. Georgiev

Lazar D. Georgiev graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, “Department of steel construction and bridges” in University of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Sofia, Bulgaria and achieved Master’s degree in June, 2002.

He was awarded a Dr. Eng. at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in UASEG, Sofia, Bulgaria in January 2008.

Between 2007 -2008 he is Engineer in "Transport Structural Facilities" Department, Faculty of Transportation Engineering, (UACEG).

In the period 2008-2013 he is Chief Assistant Professor in "Transport Structural Facilities"Department, Faculty of Transportation Engineering (UASEG).

Since 2013 he is AssociateProfessor in"Transport Structural Facilities" Department, Faculty ofTransportationEngineering(UASEG).

In addition to professional work of construction, supervision and design, there are lot of activities in scientific researches and educational field. From June 2017 till now he is Head of the Chair: "TransportStructuralFacilities" Department, Faculty ofTransportationEngineeringUniversity of Architecture Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG).

Professional Experience: He is designer of various steel, concrete and composite steel-concrete structures.

He published more than 25 papers, two  of them in proceedings of  International Conference held in (Dubrovnik-2006, and Novy Sad 2004).

Professional and public activities: 

Assoc. Prof. L.Georgiev is Member in: IABSE– Zurich, Switzerland;
He is Member of Associations of Structural Engineers of Bulgaria,
Member of Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design in Bulgaria..
He is coauthor of “Manual for design of steel bridges in accordance with the prescriptions of Eurocodes”, ”, ISBN 978 - 954 - 724 - 054 – 4,